The Top 3 Best CRM for Mac OS X, Works with Mavericks, Yosemite

A customer relationship management (or CRM for short) is a system which involves the use of applications that allows a company to maintain its interaction with current and future customers. Here we are going to discuss 3 best CRM for Mac apps which available as trail edition before you make the final decision. CRM applications are used to take care of the following:

· Synchronizing sales

· Marketing

· Customer service

· Technical support

There are several applications present on the Mac OS X ( Mavericks, Yosemite and earlier versions too) that care of the aforementioned tasks swiftly. Each of them provides a unique experience to how a CRM software works. That being said, here are the top 3 best CRM applications for Mac OS.

CRM for Mac, The Best Apps for Mavericks and Yosemite

1. Salesforce

Salesforce happens to be on top of the 3 best CRM for Mac OS software list because it is, in fact, the best tool that is available to companies to perform the majority of the necessary tasks of the organization. Exuding tremendous amounts of flexibility, Salesforce can be configured to fit in any data related to the business model of the company.

In addition, the software keeps on being updated in order to adapt to any environment that is being displayed in the organization. Customization is not top-notch while the application has stuffed in a lot of admin control, giving the user significant amounts of authority in using and maintaining the necessary metrics of the company.

While the product is ‘hands down’ the best application you could look for, one downside to using it its expensive price tag for the Enterprise edition. While Salesforce comes in a variety of other editions, they do not provide enough power or control that the Enterprise edition provides.

Best CRM for Mac OS X

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2. NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ might not be as capable as the Salesforce application, but it still gets the job for a number of organizations who are not looking to allocate ridiculous amounts of money in running a CRM software. NetSuite CRM+ provides business owners and companies with an affordable solution that will allow them to efficiently monitor the important statistics of the organization.

Unlike Salesforce, NetSuite CRM+ is not as easy to use software and does not possess the best customer service support either. This CRM software will require the user to possess a layman’s knowledge on how to navigate around the application. Specifically, it is important that people who are using NetSuite CRM+ should be well versed with HTML and html5’s coding.

It can be difficult for regular users, but if a qualified administrator is present on the desk, then he/she can tutor the individual on how to use the application properly. While its interface might not be the most impressive to look at, it still manages to satisfy in those areas where tons of other applications fail miserably.

NetSuite CRM for Mac

3. InfusionSoft CRM Software

Another application that joins the league of superior CRM applications is InfusionSoft CRM. Similar to NetSuite CRM+ is providing a price/performance deluxe software to business owners and companies alike, InfusionSoft CRM exceeds thoroughly as being an ‘easy to use’ application. Specifically, if your organization is strictly for an email marketing software that is able to automate all email marketing data, then InfustionSoft CRM is the perfect software for you.

If you are looking for the copious amount of features in a CRM software, then it would be best if you continue your search elsewhere. What is important here to note is that InfustionSoft CRM possesses extreme amounts of affordability but it comes short on delivering exquisite customer service, which happens to be a crucial part of the overall service.

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All of the above three CRM software will be compatible with the Mac OS platform and will provide you and your company with new heights of productivity and efficiency that you never knew existed. All three applications provide a trial period that allows you to test which service would be perfectly congruent with your organization that works as best CRM for Mac.


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