TopXNotes Notepad For Mac, Worth Trying Notepad with Sync Option

One of the best ways to store your notes is on a computer, as a user can type faster on a computer without any spelling mistakes or a messier handwriting. Notes can be about anything and depends on what field the user is in, whether the user is a student or an employee working in an office or a news reporter. When it comes to Mac OS, it is always confusion to select the best app since most of the built-in apps will not fulfill your requirements. This post discuss about a Notepad for Mac which is TopXNotes with several excellent features including password protect and sync with multiple Apple devices.

What’s common between all these users is that they keep their notes organized. TopXNotes is a notepad from Tropic4, developed for Mac, which not only works as a notepad but also saves and organizes all your data in the right order. It works with most of the all Mac operating systems including OS 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite.

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TopXNotes can also be password protected and it will also sync with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to keep things updated for the user on the go. You can do a lot with TopXNotes other than taking notes and we will tell you about its extra features and how to use it.

Features of TopXNotes Notepad For Mac

  • On the left side of the TopXNotes you will find a Name feature, where you can organize your notes and can be categorized into three types consisting on Content, Index and Categories.
  • On the right side of the screen you can open up to four different windows, means that you can open four different notes that you have written simultaneously. The number of Windows can also be increased or decreased by pressing the ‘’Close View’’ or ‘’Add View’’ button found on the lower right corner of each window.
  • You can also increase or decrease the size of the window that is open by click on the right corner of the windows while dragging it.


  • You will also find a bar at the top of every note upon selecting it. It’s a format bar and what it does is that it will let you select the type of font that your want for your words. It can also change the background color of the window. So a user can highlight each window with a different color.
  • There are also templates included in TopXNotes. Go to the Notes section and select templates. The user can find pre made templates already available for use but can also make custom templates if needed.
  • You can also add the selected window to a category of your choice by clicking the ‘’Category’’ button found on the lower left side of the window. You can either select from the categories already listed there or make a new one.
  • New notes can be made by pressing the ‘’New Note’’ button found in the top menu.
  • Your notes can be protected by a password as well. To do that the user have to press the ‘’LOCK’’ image that says protect in the top menu and can set a password. This way the user can save his notes so that no one else can open them.
  • Sync option is also a useful feature found in the top menu that will sync your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with TopXNotes.

You can find more features of TopXNotes, a notepad for Mac here.

Overall TopXNotes is a useful notepad for Mac that will keep all your work in order and password protected. TopXNotes only costs $40 which is a reasonable price for all the functionality that the software has to offer for the Mac users. There are a lot of more to this software but we highlighted the features that a person will actually use on a daily basis.


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