Here are the Top 5 Best Keyloggers for Mac OS X

Finding the best keyloggers for Mac OS X is a bit tricky as there aren’t many options available for you to choose from. And majority of the times you are afraid of using a keylogger yourself as it might send your data anonymously to a web server without your consent. Normally, when you hear about keyloggers, you always think of something negative because most of the times keyloggers are associated with illegal and immoral actions.

Advantages of having the best keyloggers for Mac OS X

As evident from the name, keylogger’s purpose is to record keystrokes and save them at some place. This way, anything that you type using your keyboard is stored, even your passwords and other sensitive information like credit card details etc. However, there are quite a few advantages of using keyloggers.

The first real use of a good keylogger for Mac OS X is in companies who want to track their employees computer usage and monitor it at all times. This can be pretty handy if any organization has banned the use of social media sites and someone uses them during office hour, it can be tracked easily.

The other advantage of having a keylogger for Mac is if your kids are going to use it. You can use it to monitor what they are browsing on the internet and see if they are trying to access anything not meant for their age. These are just two of the many uses of having a keylogger.

If you are looking for the best keyloggers for Mac OS X, we have compiled a list of the best ones available currently for Mac.

5. AceSpy Mac

AceSpy Mac is a keylogger for Mac that is more than just a keylogger. It also records email, chat log and also take screenshots from time to time. The good thing about AceSpy Keylogger for Mac is that it has pretty detailed sections to look at. You can choose the date to see the keylogs and you can also switch between different types of data tabs if you are looking for more information.

4. REFOG Keylogger


REFOG Keyloggerkey

Another great keylogger for Mac is the REFOG Keylogger. The main advantage of having this keylogger for your Mac is that it supports a lot of Mac OS X versions. It also got good UI and also stays hidden inside the Mac until you press a hotkey combination that you have configured during setup. There is also REFOG Personal Monitor for Mac which allows you to log more than just keystrokes.

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