Smarter Siri in iOS 10 – What It Can Do for You?

Siri was probably the biggest feature of the iPhone when it was announced alongside the iPhone 4S back in late 2011. It was not as powerful at that time as it is now, but we see that it has come a long way to prove its worth. Apple announced that as of now, over 2 Billion Siri request are being made from users in just under a week. We can see how much Siri has become useful in the daily lives of so many people.

Earlier in June 2016, Apple held their annual World Wide Developer Conference and they announced iOS 10 and a smarter Siri to be released in Fall 2016. The newer Siri is very exciting and here are some features of the smarter Siri in iOS 10 and what it can do for you:

Siri Is Now Open for App Developers

Siri third party

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As announced at the WWDC 2016 Keynote, iOS 10 is a big update for developers which also includes Siri. This is the biggest feature we can expect from Siri as of yet and it is the first time Siri’s voice assistant features can be integrated with any third party app to allow much more flexibility to Siri. Some of these features include messaging through various apps, booking a ride through Uber, sending money to contacts or even ordering food if someone develops an app for that. A smarter Siri like this can be used in many ways for different apps to make the iOS experience vast. The features announced at WWDC 2016 have been mentioned below:

Messaging Through Siri

Siri messaging

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This feature is probably the most useful feature for the newer and smarter Siri. You can now send messages through third parts apps which have integration with Siri. For example, you can use tell Siri to send a message to someone using an app like WhatsApp, WeChat or Skype by telling Siri to do that by even using different sentences and Siri will send messages because it is now much smarter. When you have dictated your message to Siri, an interface of the messaging app will be shown inside Siri so you can review it.

This feature will be integrated with many other messaging apps as soon as iOS 10 is available.

Book a Ride Through Siri

You can now also book a ride from apps like Uber or Lyft right from Siri without even opening the apps. You can just say “Order an Uber” to Siri and it will show you an interface from the app inside Siri’s environment to show you details for the nearest Uber car. If possible, you may be even able to order food from different restaurants if they have apps integrated with the smarter Siri features in the future.

Search Photos Through Siri

Before, you could only search for photos in the Photos app, now you can search photos in third party apps as well through Siri. Apps like Pinterest, Shutterfly work with this feature and you can use phrases like show my selfies from this day or show me photos from my visit to this city etc.

Send Payments Through Siri

Siri Payments

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Siri will now also be able to work with your mobile money account apps like PayPal or Square Cash. You will be able to send money to your contacts by just telling Siri. You can say “send money to John through Square Cash” or “Square Cash John some money” etc. Of course this feature will be integrated to a lot of apps as well when iOS 10 is available in the fall of 2016.

Do VoIP Calls Through Siri

You will also be able to do VoIP (voice over IP) calls directly from Siri. You can tell Siri “Call John through Skype” or something like this and you will be directed to the call. The biggest advantage here is that you won’t even need to go to Skype or a similar app at all.


Siri will also be able to analyze your keyboard activity and predict what you would usually reply to a message. If someone asks where you are, Siri will suggest you to send your location to the person who asked. If someone asks for your email address, the keyboard suggestions will show you your email address to send to that person. Siri will also be able to scan your conversation and suggest a calendar entry based on that conversation.

The Smarter Siri in iOS 10 was announced at the WWDC 2016 and this was what all it can do for you. Using Siri will be much more easier in iOS 10 and the best thing is that now it can be integrated with third party apps to expand its usage.

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