Mac Mouse/TrackPad Tips for New Mac Users From Windows OS

If you are a new user of Mac laptop or desktop, here are the simple and must know tips about Mac Mouse or Trackpad. This list is having must-do tricks and settings specifically for the new Mac users who switched from Windows OS.

Because of I started using new Mac Pro 13” retina laptop recently, below tips helped me to get the almost Windows OS mouse pad experience. The below screenshots will suite for most of the Mac Pro laptops and Mavericks OS X 10.9.4.

Simple Must Know Mac Trackpad/Mouse Tips for Ex-Windows Users

1) Where is the right click?
There are no buttons like Windows laptop on Mac Pro laptop. But still we need to use Right click on Mac OS X, then how to use it?
Right click is called as ‘Secondary Click’ on Mac, so basically you have to enable it and select the way how you are going to do right click (Secondary Click) on Mac OS X.
Go to System Preferences, select Trackpad.

right click on mac pro laptop

3 options available to set the right click combination, the default and most famous method is, two finger tap.

2) Make Left Click Easy

By default you need to press the trackpad to click (left click) in Mac. But in Windows, either you can press the left click button or touch (tap) the the trackpad for left clicking. We can enable the same function here in Mac OS X. Somehow I like touching (tap with one finger) the trackpad for left clicking instead of pressing the trackpad every time.

You will find the option under same trackpad option.

tap for left click

3) How to Scroll pages, opened screens and Web Browser

I know that most of the people are still struggling with Windows laptop trackpad/mouse pad for scrolling. But somehow Windows users manage it with the separate left click button in the trackpad which will look slightly easier than Mac. Then how to scroll in Mac with plain trackpad and no buttons?

The good news is, it’s much easier in Mac than Windows.

It is just by touching and moving with two fingers up and down for scrolling.

scroll doan or up in Mac

4) How to Show Desktop on Mac

In Windows OS there is a small space next to notification area near clock to show desktop, but it has become easy in Mac OS X with mouse trackpad. Use your four fingers (Thump and three fingers) spreading as shown below to show desktop in Mac while other screens and apps opened in Mac OS X.

show desktop in mac


5) Some more exciting Mouse trackpad usage

Though Mac Pro laptop trackpad looks plain without any buttons or scrolling rolls, but you can do much more with it than normal Windows laptop mouse pad.

You will find plenty of options under same trackpad or mouse options in system preferences.

Visit every tab, select each options and watch excellent demo videos of every trackpad options and combinations.

We hope this simple Mac Trackpad/mouse must know tips will be helpful for new Mac users who started using from Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 laptops.


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