iPhone 7 Pro? Is that New? First set of Images Leaked online

A bunch new iPhone 7 Pro images are posted online on a blog. This is the first that we have seen the iPhone 7 Pro in live images. The images were posted on a blog today which shows the device from from front, one side and back.

Just recently, new set of pictures of alleged iPhone 7 back panel were leaked online, we now have our hand on the iPhone 7 Plus, or as some people are calling it iPhone 7 Pro, photos for the very first time.


All three images of the alleged iPhone 7 Pro shows the device from almost all possible angles (except from the top and bottom of the device), giving us a thorough look at it. Starting from the front screen image it looks like there hasn’t been any change at the front. The screen probably feels like the same size as the iPhone 6S Plus with the round Touch ID button. The one side of the device which is photographed also shows similar button pattern found in previous iPhone 6 models. However, the biggest change that we have noticed is at the back of the iPhone 7 Pro.


First up are the repositioned antenna lines on the iPhone 7 Pro. We already saw the new pattern of antenna lines in leaked iPhone 7 images as well. The redesigned antenna lines on iPhone 7 Pro follow the same pattern as the iPhone 7.

Then there is the dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Pro which is said to be capable of capturing DSLR quality images.

And the last thing that is different in the iPhone 7 Pro back panel and maybe this is the reason why people are dubbing it as iPhone 7 Pro instead of iPhone 7 Plus is the placement of three little dots or connectors near the bottom of the back panel. These three dots resembles with the accessory connector found on the iPad Pro. This hints at the magnetic accessories support on the iPhone 7 Pro as well.


There is one odd thing to notice at the back and that is the Apple logo but this could be due to the fact that the device which is photographed could be a prototype iPhone 7 Pro. But there is another rumor that Apple might be introducing glowing notification light in place of its black logo as a lot of fans have done DIY projects to make it the logo glowing like it does on MacBooks.

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