iOS 10 vs Android Nougat – Things You Should Know About both

When we talk about smartphones, we only think about iOS or Android. Windows phone is also popular, but not as popular like iOS or Android. Both of these operating systems have been discussed widely and debated that which one is better. Both of them do best for what they are made and one of them does some things better than the other. iOS is criticized for its lack of customizability options while Android is criticized for not being stable enough on cheap phones.

In 2016, Apple is releasing iOS 10 while Google is releasing Android Nougat, both of them are much anticipated because they take iOS devices and Android devices, respectively to newer heights. Here are some things you should know about iOS 10 vs Android Nougat:

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Siri vs Google Assistant

Both Apple and Google are at ties with their assistant software. Google Assistant (including Google Now) and Siri are both amazing in their own way. While Siri mostly works within its own environment, Google Assistant is integrated into Google’s apps like Search, Allo and Photos.

Starting from iOS 10, Siri is now open for third-party developers to integrate it into their apps. You can send messages through WhatsApp or WeChat from within Siri and it will show you a small interface of that app within the Siri environment. Similar is for apps like Uber because you can also order an Uber taxi and when you do, Siri will show you a map where you Uber car is. You can also send payments through Siri with apps like Square Cash. You can say one thing to Siri in different ways and Siri will do exactly as you say.

Siri is also integrated into the stock keyboard so it can now predict what you will say next or help you set up a calendar entry just by scanning your messages or help you send information if whoever you are conversing with asks for it.

Siri third party

source: mobilesiri.com

Google Assistant started from Google Now and Search. It is now integrated to almost all Google apps allowing you to interact with your Android device in new and different ways. With apps like Allo, Google’s new messaging app, the Google Assistant can scan your conversations and recommend a reply which you would usually do.

You can even chat with Google Assistant within the Allo app for asking search results from Google in a way you would usually chat with your friends. When you use “Okay Google” voice command with the Search app, Google Assistant will keep up with your behaviour and recommend you responses to different messages or even email.

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Stock Apps

Stock Apps are much more dominant in iOS 10 rather than Android Nougat, because Android does not have a set of stock apps, you can download any app you want to use for almost anything.

iOS 10 somewhat relies on its stock apps like iMessage, Music and Photos. Apple has enhanced most of the iOS stock apps to be more integrated with force touch and Siri. The Music app has been completely overhauled with a lighter interface so that it is more user friendly due to complaints of the previous Music app.

Photos has been overhauled for incorporating features like detecting people in various photos and separating their images in albums of these people. iMessage has been changed a lot, now you can share various things like gifs, handwritten messages and photos from within the app. There is a possibility for third-party app integration as well, like integrating a gif app or face swap app.

iOS 10 stock apps

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Google is not much focusing on stock apps for Android Nougat, rather than apps which are available on the Google Play Store which can be used as default apps. New apps from Google like Allo and Duo, which are messaging and video chat apps respectively, are answers to Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime apps. Google Assistant is integrated with Google’s apps allowing you to use your Android Nougat phone in different ways.

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Interface

In terms of interface, iOS 10 is continuing from where iOS 9 left off and Android Nougat is improving what Android Marshmallow already had. Both are going in their own direction but they are not very different from their previous versions.

Android Nougat now has the ability of dual windowed display which has been featured in Samsung’s phones since 2013. You can even drag and drop files or text in the dual app mode. Quick toggles are now available in a single row when you pull down the notifications, when you pull down once more, you can see the complete quick toggles tray which now fits the width of the screen. Notifications also fit the width of the screen now, notifications from one app are also grouped together and you can reply to a message from its notification.

iOS 10 has better widgets, lockscreen and notifications. Notifications now look like cards which are much similar to the Android notifications, but when you touch them harder they open up a small interface of the app so that you can interact directly from the notification. Lockscreen can now be unlocked by pressing the home button after scanning your fingerprint, this can be disabled if you don’t like it.

Swiping left in the lockscreen will show you all widgets, swiping right will take you to the camera. Swiping left on the homescreen will also take you to the widgets. Widgets also look like cards and they are a lot better at being differentiated.

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Final Thoughts

There were the things you should know about iOS 10 vs Android Nougat. iOS and Android have come a long way from being small mobile operating systems to being giants in the smartphone market in terms of performance, reliability, design and user friendliness. Their latest versions namely iOS 10 and Android Nougat are excellent examples of what mobile operating systems should look like and they both have their own place in the market for that. In the end, user preference is what actually happens.

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