How to Keep MacBook Pro Laptop Awake While Lid is Closed

Sometimes we need to keep our Mac Pro laptop running when it’s lid closed. There are so many reasons for that, like downloading large data from internet, copying data internally, using any system utilities or ongoing installations etc. So far all Mac OS X, including Mavericks and Mountain Lion do not support this as a built-in feature to disable sleep when lid is closed. Here is a simple tool/tip helps to keep MacBook Pro laptop awake while lid is closed.

It’s called NoSleep. It’s a small free package which you can download and install it easily. An icon will show up on the OS X menu bar where you can control the option to keep your Mac Pro laptop awake while lid is closed either on battery or AC power.

The important note is, you should remember that you have installed this app and activated it. Because we do not want to keep our Mac laptops awake when lid is closed all the time, rather we need it in specific time only. Therefore, remember to disable the option from menu bar when it is not required, otherwise it will drain the laptop battery.

Download and Install NoSleep on MacBook Pro Retina Display, Mavericks OS.

1) Visit this official site and download the latest and stable release.
Download nosleep for Macericks

2) Open the downloaded dmg file. You may not able to open and install the mpkg file due to security restriction on the Mac OS X.

cant open nosleep

3) Right click ( or click with Control  key pressed) on the mpkg file and click open. That will open the installation. Once installation is completed you will see an icon on menu bar as below. .

menu icon

4) Right clicking the icon and opening preferences will give some options.

awake when lid closed mac pro laptop

In this way easily your can put your Mac Pro laptop awake or working while lid is closed either with battery or AC power. Remember to deactivate the option when it’s not required.


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