How to Check Your Apple iPhone Repair Status Online Worldwide

Once you have bought an iPhone, you would never want to damage it or use a faulty device. A faulty or damaged device becomes very annoying to use if not repaired at time. Luckily, Apple has a service at its Apple Stores where you can submit your faulty or damaged iPhone to get repaired. Once you have booked an appointment at one Apple Store, you can meet with one of their customer care representatives and show your iPhone so that they can analyze any damages. Let us show you how to check the iPhone Apple repair status online from your country or anywhere worldwide.

Repairing an iPhone from Apple can cost you depending on which iPhone model you want to get repaired. Repairs for an iPhone can take 3 to 5 business days and Apple will send it to your home once it has been repaired. If you are getting impatient about the repairs of your iPhone, you can also check the repair progress status of your iPhone by simply logging on to the “Repair Status” page on the Apple website. This method is applicable for all Apple products like iPad, iPod, Mac computers and all iPhone models including 6,6S,5 and latest SE.

Checking Apple Repair Status Online for Your iPad,iPhone

1. Navigate to on the web browser of a computer or mobile device, whichever you are using. Copy paste the link to the address bar of the browser if it is not working here.

2. You will be taken to a form on Apple’s website titled “Repair Status”.

check iphone apple repair status

3. You will be required to enter two things, “Case or Repair ID” and “Postal Code or Serial Number”.

4. The “Case or Repair ID” the is the ID which is provided to you when you request a service online or when you visit an Apple Store for submitting your iPhone for any repairs. You can also find this ID in the confirmation email Apple sends you for your faulty iPhone.

5. The “Postal Code or Serial Number” is either your postal code or your iPhone’s serial number. You can fine more information about finding the serial number of iPhone 6,6s or SE here at official site.

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6. Your iPhone’s serial number can be found:

● On the back of the iPhone.

● The barcode on the packaging of the iPhone.

● On the product invoice or receipt of your iPhone.

● In the Devices tab of iTunes Preferences.

● Go to Settings > General > About to get the serial number if your iPhone is working.

iphone serial number

7. Enter the “Case or Repair ID” in its respective text box in the “Repair Status” form.

8. Enter the “Postal Code or Serial Number” in its respective text box in the “Repair Status” form.

9. Click on “Submit” at the end of the form.

10. If the data input is incorrect, the form will prompt you to enter the correct information.

11. If the data input is correct, the web page will show you the Apple iPhone repair status online which works worldwide.

Checking the Apple repair status for your iPhone has never been easier. Apple keeps updating the status of the iPhone you have submitted to them for any repairs, frequently and many iPhone repairs usually take around 3 to 5 business days. iPhone damages are usually related to screen damage, battery & power etc. Hope this guide would be useful.


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