[Fixed] There was an error in the App Store, Yosemite Update Error on Mac

The Yosemite is an free upgrade for existing Mac OS X users. If you are using Mavericks then you are ready to install and use Yosemite on the same hardware, mostly it will meet the system requirements. I’m a new Mac user who is using Mavericks with MacBook Pro 13” retina display laptop. When the final OS X 10.10 has been released for public via App store, I could not update by usual method. This message appeared, “There was an error in the App store. Please try again later. (null)”. That’s it, there was no more information about what I should do to fix it. At the end I found the solution and managed to upgrade  10.9 to 10.10 on my laptop

Because I’m new to Apple, I’m a dump Apple user. Though the error message did not say anything clearly to a dump user like me about how to solve it, but the next screen which opened should have indicated me something wrong with my account settings. Before that, on the first day of public final release of Yosemite, I tried to upgrade and got the same error. While searching on internet, some people suggested it could be an issue in Apple App store and we need to wait till they fix it, that looked reasonable since it was brand new release and free upgrade for OS X, so most of the users would be trying to access app store and download it.

But when the warning message “There was an error in the App store. Please try again later. (null)” keep coming on every day, then I assumed something is definitely wrong.

The issue is not with the App store, its with the apple account. Normally I used this same account to install other apps updates and new apps with this same Apple ID, but this is the first OS X upgrade for me.

Yosemite update error

The reason for this issue (in my case) was the second screen opened after this warning message which is below.

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security info

I keep on skipping this message because the first warning message did not say anything about security info and I already used my apple ID before without this screen, so I did not take it seriously.

Just for a try I filled the security info, guess what?, I was able to download and update Yosemite on my MacBook Pro laptop.

dowload yosemite

Other upgrade progress is same as usual. Apple recommends to take a backup of your personal data before proceeding to OS X update, but in-place upgrade will be succeeded most of the time with Apple products.

upgrade yosemite on MacBook pro

There are still few compatibility issues you would face with Yosemite OS X, like browsers, plug-ins, add-ons and other apps. So, make sure that all apps and required plug-ins, extensions are fully compatible for OS X 10.10. If you are interested, check this guide how to download and use FL Studio on Mac OS X .

If you wish to try OS X 10.10 on virtual environment, you can follow this guide on VMware workstation with Windows OS.

I’m sure this guide would be helpful in solving this issue while upgrading Mavericks to Yosemite. Mostly this would be faced by new Apple users who haven’t set the security information while setting up their Apple ID first time. If you are still struggling and struck with this message, fill the details and download the awesome OS X from Apple.


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