Duplicate Contacts Issue? One of These Apps Can Delete Your Duplicate Contacts

Smartphones have made handling contacts very easy. You can save a lot of information inside a contact and use them to contact them through different apps in your smartphone. You can easily sync them to your cloud storage or different accounts like Google, Yahoo or iCloud so that you can save or edit a contact at one place and sync it across all devices. Even when you get a new phone, you can easilt download all of your contacts without having the fear of losing them. But what if you sync from different accounts and you get duplicate contacts?

The biggest problem however, is the duplicate contact issue we often face. You might have contacts with duplicate names and different information inside of them like phone number is in one contact and the email address is in another contact. If you can’t handle them one by one, then one of these apps can delete your duplicate contacts for you. Following are the top best 5 apps to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone or iPad:

Smart Merge

Smart Merge

Smart Merge

Smart Merge is one of the best apps to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone or iPad. It has by far the simplest and easy to use and understand interface. Smart Merge contains many features, but only the first twenty merge or remove contacts are free and you will have to pay for the rest if you want to continue using this app on your iPhone or iPad. Simple Merge contains the basic features like find and merge duplicate contacts, remove contacts without a name or number and find contacts with duplicate phone, email and similar names.

You can even view all of your contacts and quickly search a contact as well. Smart Merge is the fastest app to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone mainly because it has a light interface which is very user friendly. Smart Merge is available in over 15 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Arabic.

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