Can iPhone 7 Kill the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


iPhones have always had the best display even if they use an IPS panel. The display is small due to a smaller body and it has the perfect pixel count which shows great detail, clarity and warmth. Text is easy to read, colors are clear and look very natural. The best thing about the iPhone 7’s display is that it is easy to see in the sunlight because of its great “adaptive brightness” feature.

The much bigger AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 7 is also very good, but it only looks good on smaller sized phones. AMOLED displays do show sharper images but the colors can get too sharp sometimes and it doesn’t look very good.

iPhone 7 screen

source: bgr.com

In terms of screen on time, the iPhone 7 is better at optimizing the battery to run for longer periods of time and giving a longer screen on time. The Note 7 on the other hand can discharge a bit quickly if you are watching movies or using it for longer periods of time.
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