Can iPhone 7 Kill the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


The ergonomics in the design of a phone is a very good factor in determining which one is better for someone. The iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7 both have nice designs but very different.

The iPhone 7 features an aluminium unibody which will remind you of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the first iPhones to feature such design. The design has been improved a lot because it is a lot thinner and lighter than the iPhone 6S. We know that wireless signals can’t cross through metal, so iPhone 6 and 6S had plastic lines on the back which did not look good. The iPhone 7 features lesser of these plastic lines which shows off more of the beautiful metal on the back. Other than that, the build quality and design is exquisite and makes its unique identity in the smartphone market.

iPhone 7 Plus design

source: cultofmac.com

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a body design very similar to the Galaxy S7 line. The Note 7 features a glass front and back on a metal frame. The glass is slightly curved at the back to provide a better grip. The plastic antennae lines go through the metal frame. The Note 7 does look beautiful but to an extent. The glass back and front gets very greasy which makes the phone look very dirty and slippery. The glass is very delicate and can get scratches or cracks if handled poorly or if you are not using a protector. The biggest drawback is that the Note 7 is too big and can be difficult to hold sometimes.

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