Best Places to Sell My Mac for Good Price

While selling a used product, it’s the aim of every person to get the most out of it. When it comes to Apple products and generally their Mac product line, they always get sold at a good price as its value does not deprecate that quickly. Here are the important considerations while selling your Mac laptop.  If you have the question about the best places to sell my Mac for good price at reliable online market, here are the list of websites you can think about.

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What is the Right time to sell My Mac?

It’s always better to sell your old Mac before Apple comes up with their new product line as you’re old Mac will still hold its value and won’t depreciate as much as it would when the new model will come out. So it’s better to always stay updated on Apple news regarding their new products and their launch dates.

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What is the Worth of Your Mac?

Apple’s Mac products do not depreciate their value as fast as compared to other products, so even if you’re Mac is two years old you will still get a satisfactory selling price on it. Mostly it depends on the model of your Mac and the condition that you keep it in, but whatever the selling price will be it won’t be less than half of the products price. Though if you are a user that keeps their Mac in good condition you should probably expect for more in return.

How much can you get for your Mac?

It depends on the model like we said and the condition but it also depends on the place you are selling it at. Now we will show you some good places to sell your Mac at a good price and without any regrets that you could have gotten a better price.

Here Are the Best Places to Sell My Laptop


It’s one of the best places to sell your Mac at and you could be looking at around $600 in your pocket for your used Mac, but in case you have a new model or an old Mac with good condition you would probably get a higher price. Gazelle have always had an increasing percentage when it comes to trading in used Mac products in other words don’t think and make an ad for your used Mac.


uSell is very useful as it will ask for a specific set of questions regarding the condition of your device and will run a comparison to come up with handful of resell sites so your could get an idea on how much your Mac is actually worth. Do keep in mind that uSell does not have a buyback program for computers.


It’s a website worth considering when a person wants to sell a lot of Mac products all at once. BuyMyTronics will rate all your products at once if you are a person who likes to sell in bulk. Though this website is not as seamless as some of the other websites are but you surely will get a little more than you might on other websites.


On RadioShack a person can trade his Mac product and immediately put that money in for an upgraded Mac product as the website allows you to swap more than one items at the same time and lets you purchase another product as cheap as possible.


eBay is a good choice as well but make it your last resort. The reason why you should do that is because there are already thousands of people trying to sell their old Mac products and it will take ages for someone to look over your product and make a bid.

Tip to Sell My Mac

Before doing anything make sure that you backup all your data to a hard drive and wipe all the information and data off your Mac product or better just restore it.

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