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Best Bluetooth Mic For PC and Mac to Buy in 2016

With the evolution of technology the way people wants their sound in their devices to be, has changed. Different type of systems has been launched to enhance people’s sound based experience. Headsets or Headphones are a great way to improvise the sound phenomena. In this term the system of Headsets or Mics has been through a tremendous development. Bluetooth Mic or Headphones has become the first choice for the people who want to avoid the zigzagness of wires. There is a lot of amazing headsets in the market now. Different companies are providing Headsets and Mics for PCs with a lot of amazing features. I am here to in list the top 10 best Bluetooth Mic for PC and Mac that available in the current market.

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Best Bluetooth Mic For PC

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Mic For PC and Mac to Buy in 2016


Dylan Hands Free Wireless Earbuds V4.1

This Bluetooth headset has some of most unique features that you cannot find in any other headsets. Whenever you got a call in your phone, you can receive the call by just saying “Yes” or reject it by “No”. By CSR chip and APT-X technology, this headset reduces background noise and ensures voice clarity. It has a simple compact design with very light weight that your ear won’t even feel after a long time of wearing it. It is super easy to use and paring with your cell phone or any other Bluetooth devices.


Nolan MIC Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

This wireless microphone is highly appreciated by its users for its amazing feature of recording audio/voice with clarity. It has a long range capturing capacity up to 100ft. It works with most of the Bluetooth speaker; recorder and Bluetooth enabled recording devices. It can be connected to any type of smartphones, Tablets, Camcorder, Handycam and more. It is a perfect suit for podcasting, VoIP calls, Skype and Web Conferencing. The easy-to-wear clip enhances the mobility of the microphone. It has more than 6 hours operating capability with rechargeable battery. If you are planning to by a wireless microphone then Nolan MIC Bluetooth Wireless Microphone can be a great choice. Most of the Bluetooth Mic can work on Windows 10, 8.1 PCs and Mac OS X version such as Yosemite and El Capitan.

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Andrea BT-201 Bluetooth Monaural headset

The Andrea BT-201 Bluetooth Monaural headset is an awesome headset with military grade noise reduction capability. It has enhanced speech intangibility. The tip of the microphone has integrated wind suppression. This microphone can be paired with most of the smart devices and PC/laptops. This gives the 6-7 hours talk time capacity with 150 hours of standby guarantee. This microphone can be used within 30ft circular zone from the handset. It includes usb charger and other accessories in retail packaging.

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AGPTEK Business Single Ear Headphone

This single ear headphone has been manufactured to provide a user the best service in making continuous conversation over headphone. It has more than 13 hours of talk time capacity with the standby time up to 220 hours. It can be connected to two devices at the same time. For its balanced weight and flexible structure it can fit in any kind of purposes. You can answer/deny any call by using the touch button. Volume control and voice dialing is also another feature of this headset. You can make a great conversation or listen music by attaching it to any smart device, laptop or recorder.

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AGPTEK Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Trucker Headset w/ Microphone, Single Ear Headphone Binaural...

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Sound Intone B3505 Professional Wireless Bluetooth Stereo PC Gaming Headphone

If you are a game freak and looking for the perfect headset which can take your gaming experience in different level, then Sound Intone B3505 Professional wireless Bluetooth stereo PC gaming headphone is the best solution for you. It has an amazing fashionable design with oversized skin-friendly leather earmuffs. It flexible structure fit in any kind of head shape. It has multifunctional keys which allow you to power on/off, answer/reject call, pause /play, vol+/-, next/previous track. It has a 3.5mm cable by which you connect the headphone to a device which doesn’t have Bluetooth. It has up to 8 hours playing time along with standby time of 180 hours. This is one of the best gaming wireless Bluetooth Mic and headphone for Windows PC.


YAMAY Universal Foldable Wireless Bluetooth CSR 4.0

This wireless Bluetooth headphone has a built in HD audio stereo microphone. This headphone’s earphone support TF card FM radio for computer phone and tablet. It also has a wide frequency response. The most unique feature that this headphone has is the built in FM radio and automatic search and you can select channels for about 20. The folding capacity and comfortable design of this headset has made it the most sold headset in the market.


Logitech Wireless Headset H800

The Logitech Wireless Headset H800 for PC, Tablets and Smartphones is an awesome addition from Logitech to the market of headsets. It has rich digital stereo sound, built in equalizer and noise reduction feature giving the most amazing listening experience. It operates in the 40ft range from the device. It comes with a six hour rechargeable battery along with the option of USB charging. It is easy to connect with any smart devices and laptop or PC. From the distance within 12m you can voice chat connecting to your laptop or smartphone. Its flexible structure is highly appreciated by the user who is using it.

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SHINICE Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This cool looking headset is from SHINICE. It has an amazing design which fits with any kind of outfit. It has a built in NFC chip in the left earcup which lets you to connect through NFC function. It has the updated Bluetooth 4.0 system which provides HD quality sound. It also has built-in li-Battery which is rechargeable via USB. You will also get a 3.5mm cable that will allow you to connect the headset with any device without Bluetooth facility. If you want a perfect audio experience, then SHINICE Stereo Wireless Bluetooth headset is a great option in reasonable price.

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Bluetooth Headphones, Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphone Over-Ear Stereo Noise-Cancelling Headphone with...

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KBTEL® HV-800 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo with MIC Hands-free Headphone Headset

This high quality headphone has the latest Bluetooth version 4.0+EDR. It is highly comfortable with neck. It has a very light weight and also sweat proof capacity. With high definition audio capacity and noise suppression, this headphone has echo cancellation system. It has a great mic with amazing sound capturing ability. This headphone has 10 hours of talk time durability and 150 hours of standby time.


PLAY X STORE Wireless Bluetooth Headphone-Mini HD Voice Headset with Mic

PLAY X STORE Wireless Bluetooth Headphone has 4.0+EDR Bluetooth capacity with stable signal capturing and power consumption. It contains crystal clear voice clarification based on DSP digital noise cancellation system. With two medical grade sofe ear tips and one rotation ear-hook for more comfortable wearing experience.

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These are some of the cheap and best Bluetooth Mic for PC and Mac to buy in 2016.  We are sure this review will be useful to identify the correct model under your budget.

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