Best Animation Software for Mac Beginners in 2017

In order to choose the best animation software for Mac, you first need to figure out what is the prime focus or your need to acquire such a software. You need to know if what you want the animation software for mac to be best at creating 3D objects or to be able to produce characters which look insanely real. This is because of the vast variety of animation software’s out there as the real best depends on the one you like the most, the one which satisfies all your desire and needs. However, to help you decide we have put together the reviews of the top three best animation software for Mac beginners in 2017. As we continue to review few best products for Mac OS X, this review will be useful in selecting the best product. So go ahead and choose the one that suits you the best.

You can check our earlier list about best CRM software for Mac OS X here.  Since Mac pro or Mac Air laptops and their desktops have enough hardware resources, most of the recent Animation software will work fine on Apple hardware. The built-in display card with dedicated video memory, SSD storage and powerful processor will accommodate these best animation software for Mac on your Apple laptop and desktop with all kind of Operating Systems including El Capitan, Yosemite and Mountain Lion.

3 Best Animation Software for Mac in 2017, Suitable for Beginners Too

3. Poser

Scoring the 3rd position among the countdown of the best animation software’s for mac is Poser. If you desire are an animated yet realistic characters then there is no doubt that poser is the best choice that you can make. It is worth spending your money to really experience the animation software: Poser. The tutorials which come along this software are not that helpful for beginners, however the customer support system balances that quite efficiently.

poser animation software for mac

With the poser software, you can easily upload your own animations since it is compatible with quite a few other types of files as well. If you are still not sure as to it being suitable to your wishes and desires, just go ahead and download the demo version and get a piece of the real fun, the demo version is totally free.

Here is the sample image created by Poser, you can find more sample work at their gallery here.

sample image created by poser

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2. Kinemac

Ensuring the 2nd place among the best animation software’s for mac is Kinemac. It would not be wrong to say that this software is not that user friendly for people who have just entered into this passion. However, it is also safe to say that the explicit features it offers makes animation so much easier. All you need to do is to understand it pretty well beforehand, and then animation cannot get any more easer for you or anyone.


Few of the characteristics of Kinemac include it’s sprites console which helps ease the grip over the object in question’s timing, the act of defining the object’s attributes is provided by the inspector panel, the feature of drag and drop makes operating the software easier too. Whereas on the one hand, Kinemac animation software for mac demands more RAM. But it also provides you with characteristics which make its more sooth yet quite controlled movements ensuring a more professional overall look.

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1. Cheetah 3D

Taking over the 1st place among the best animation software for mac is the Cheetah 3D animation software. This is a program which is solely for Mac OS X. The Cheetah program is not only magnificent but highly user friendly too. You can learn and gain the real professional experience at the same time.

cheetah3d Best Animation Software for Mac

That is all due to the tutorials that will guide you every step of the way, solving your queries even before you realize they exist. By opting for taking on this program all your money spent will be quite worth it due to the various features it offers within itself like animation, rendering, modeling and even UV editing.

We hope one of the above animation software for Mac in 2017 will suite your requirements and fall under your budget. Cheetah 3D will cost just under $100 (as of now).  Its always better to select the user friendly and feature packed software while selecting the best software for your home or college use.

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