Best Places to Sell My Mac for Good Price


While selling a used product, it’s the aim of every person to get the most out of it. When it comes to Apple products and generally their Mac product line, they always get sold at a good price as its value does not deprecate that quickly. Here are the important considerations while selling your Mac [...]

Download Fruity Loops for Mac Free ( FL Studio)

Fruity Loops Studio ison

In this article, we will be going to show you how to download Fruity Loops for mac free (now called FL Studio). FL Studio and is a popular beat making software that is only available for Windows Platform. But we will be showing you guys how to get in on your MAC if you are [...]

How to Block Facebook on Mac OS, Other Web Sites Too


Sometimes we need to block few website on Mac laptop or iMac so that cannot be accessed by users. Especially the social networking sites like facebook and twitter will be in the top list for blocking. Below guide shows how to block facebook on Mac OS including Yosemite, Mavericks and other versions using terminal. This [...]

TopXNotes Notepad For Mac, Worth Trying Notepad with Sync Option


One of the best ways to store your notes is on a computer, as a user can type faster on a computer without any spelling mistakes or a messier handwriting. Notes can be about anything and depends on what field the user is in, whether the user is a student or an employee working in [...]

Best External Hard Drive for Mac, Which One to Buy


External hard drives are a necessity nowadays as not a lot of laptops offer a lot of storage space, especially the slim laptops from Apple like Apple Mac Book Air. Storage on these kind of laptops is always limited and not enough to store a lot of data, so it’s good to have an external [...]